Can i create muti resource for each task of project ?

from this demo … ndars.html

I have two question ?

  1. it is just one owner for one task but I would like have muti -owner (muti -resource) for one task Can i do this ?
  2. I would like have muti type of resource for one task. e.g. people. money , material … Can i do this ?


Please check the sample how to add multiple owners to task:

  1. I would like have muti type of resource for one task. e.g. people. money , material … Can i do this ?
    Could you please provide with more information about this functionality? Do you want to add new property(-ies) to task object and have the opportunity to select value by the lightbox?

Assume resoureType have
People -Cost by hour (e.g. Milke 100$/hr Anna 50$/hr John 20$/hr )
Material - Cost by unit (e.g. microphone 200$/unit )
Fee - Fix Cost (e.g. travel 500$)

I would like choose them for one task
Ex. Seminar task 2 day (16 hr.) use resource
Anna ---------100%------- 800$ (50 x 16)
microphone --------- 2 unit --------------400$
travel ------------------------------500$

and can show summary cost of task (800+400+500) 1700$

You can create custom lightbox with all these resources to have the opportunity select them. And then calculate the result according to your requirements. … _form.html

Sorry for reopening. but this feature is important. If I get it right, you’re saying that I’m able to create material resources like “concrete”, establish a value for the unit ($ 100 / m3) and assign to a task. right? So I can, somehow, calculate and insert a timephased “actual work material”. For example 10m3 per day as showed by the file attached. Am I understanding right? Thank you.

Yes, it is possible to do that. You just need to add custom fields in the lightbox and use several built-in functions where you add calculations. It is not necessary to use custom lightbox.
I created a snippet for you where I implemented the ideas I saw on the screenshot and in your description.
There you can choose the resource and enable duration calculation based on the formula (amount of work / amount of units). If there are weekends Gantt doesn’t count their duration.

You can use these articles as a reference when you create your own solution: … event.html … event.html … onfig.html … ntrolvalue … ytime.html … _form.html