Can I create tree of  .>12,000 nodes by using  d

Can I create tree of 
.>12,000 nodes by using 
dhtmlxTree Professional Edition? Use Distributed Loading?

edition supports smartParsing feature, which allow to work with tree of such
size (in local sample it loads a tree with 50000 nodes), but the key point is a
count of items per branch. If item has more than 100 child items then you can
detect slowdown, and it really begins to work slow in case of more than 200
items per branch. So it all depends on tree structure. Well structured trees
are loaded much faster than trees with big amount of items per branch.


Loading doesn’t decrease loading time, it only allows to prevent browser
freezing while loading big amount of items, and makes tree operable even not
all items parsed from XML yet (it allows to decrease importance of well
structuring )