Can I drop event out of time to another DHTMLX component

Hi There

Is there a possibility to drag an event to DHTMLX Grid or other component?


Hi @Akilen_Pandian

We already discussed it with you when you contact our support team as a licensed user. Unfortunately, here on forum I can provide you only the same solution as I made it yesterday.

A small update which I already sent you on email: you can download the trial version, it contains all PRO features including dragging between 2 schedulers. We don’t have a demo for the case you need, i.e. dropping event to another component, but you can try to implement it wiith onEventDropOut event. It fires when a dragged event is dropped onto the area out of the scheduler.

So, you don’t need to upgrage you license until you are sure that you can solve the issue with dhtmlx Scheduler. Please, pay attention that the trial version is valid during 30 days.

Best regards