Can I have a lookup field in the lightbox?

how do I need to display a field from a related table in the lightbox (realtime) ?

I put a link in the lightbox that brings up an external screen where I enter notes. When I finish, I want to come back to the lightbox and have it display the field (last entered note)

What I did was add an additional field to my events table. Then add that field in the main query. My external app updates that field. But I have no clue how to trigger it to re-query or update that field within DHTMLX code on its own.


there is no common solution on how do you synchronize main window and the one use use for entering notes. That depends on how you designing and implementing it in your project.
But you’ll have to load value via AJAX and put it to the form when it’s loaded
In order to put value into form input, you can use scheduler.formSection method

scheduler.formSection('note').setValue(noteValue); … ction.html

Thank you, I’ll give that a shot