Can I have multiple DHTMLXForms in a single DHTMLXAccordion?

I am trying to create squared controls signifying each data entity within a single DHTMLXAccordion…and what I want is that each entity contain labels that indicate information about the entity.

Also, when the mouse pointer is over these individual entities…they should get highlighted.

I would be very grateful if I am able to get some pointers on this.

Is it possible to attach more than one DHTMLXForm into a single DHTMLXAccordion cell item?


If you are going to use attachForm method - you can’t attach more than one form.
You can only use one common div with any form divs nested to attach to accordion cell as an object: attachObject.
But if you don’t want to split all these form, you don’t need an accordion functionality, as it was built to create such arrangement and such behaviour.