Can I hide accordion titlebars?

I have an accordion object attached to a layout cell.

I have the “effect” set so that the panes animate opened and closed.

My users do not click on the pane toolbars to open and close them. I have a graphical toolbar that the user interacts with to force the panes open and closed. As the number of panes in my accordion increases, the amount of vertical space being consumed by all the collapsed toolbars can grow and become cumbersome. My preference would be that the panes fully collapse down on themselves leaving only one open and occupying all of its visual space rather than having to see 10+ empty rows taking up a big chunk of vertical real-estate.

Is this possible?


we need a picture with the current and desired behavior for understanding of the proroblem.

Hello, sorry for the delay.

Please see the following visual example (current and desired) and text contained within each.



Again I realize it may make more sense to simply use a single cell of my layout, and make my footer graphics call loadURL(…) to bring in their respective page (or show/hide their respective DIV if I want them all to remain loaded. The “effect” of the accordian sliding open and closed is quite nice though and they already work with the other components so if I can utilize it I’d like to!


it seems that the workarround is possible. You may change the header height and set it 1:

dhxAccord = new dhtmlXAccordion(…);

This approach hides the header for all accordion items.

Thank you Alexandra. Your solution gives me, quite literally, exactly what I was looking for!