Can I set Calendar date range in XML?

I have a grid containing dhxCalendar types. I would like to be able to set start/end date ranges on some of the calendar cells…(equivalent to cal.setSensitive(date1, date2) on client side).

Is there a way to do it in the XML that my servlet returns to the client?

Something like how it can be done with formats (only to allow specification of valid date range)

<column format=“mask”…

If it cannot be done from XML, how can I have different date ranges for different columns in my grid? The onDhxCalendarCreated event only gets control once per grid so I can’t set individual “setSensitive” values per column :frowning:

You can address dhxCalendar objest by onDhxCalendarCreated event. … darcreated

And then use setSensitive() method of calendar. … tsensitive

Have a look at this example: … itive.html

Yes but I believe the calendarCreated event gets control once per grid, even if there are multiple columns with the dhxCalendar type. The columns may have different “sensitivity” dates… so I have no way of specifying this… but the server knows and I was hoping it could be encoded in XML when sending the grid data up.

Unfortunately there is no way to specify different sensitive dates for calendars from different columns