Can I use column names in cellsById?

Is it possible to use column names when referring to cells? Right now if I add or delete or even move a column I have to renumber everything and there is BIG SCOPE for bugs.

I would request this as an URGENT enhancement if not already available.


You can use columns ids. You can set column ids with “id” attribute of tag in xml or with setColumnIds(ids)
After you re-order columns you can get new column index with getColIndexById(id) method

I know I can use column names for dataprocessor sending data. However I want to be able to use the column name rather than it’s index in other parts of javascript. e.g. I have a grid with a column index of 7 which I am currently hiding with the following command:


The name of the column is ‘currcodecopy’ so I tried to replace that as follows but I get errors.


I also tried replacing the column name when doing a getColumnCombo e.g.

grid.getColumnCombo(1) was changed to grid.getColumnCombo(“currcode”)

No error message was given but the combo does not show any options any more.

Finally I tried using the column names within the 'cellById(id,‘column_name’) but that gave errors as well. It would be very useful to be able to use column names whereever a colindex is otherwise required.


You can get column index by it’s id with getColIndexById(id) method