Can I use it to generate one html file from .mpp file?

I want to show the mpp file to my collegue,but they don’t have the ms project software,so i wan’t to convert it into an html file,i see your example html file is greate and interactive ,can it directive convert the mpp file into html?what product should i buy?

To import MSP files, you need to use DHTMLX Gantt. But it doesn’t have the feature to export the data to HTML files. When you import the data, it is loaded only inside Gantt. You can export the data to PDF files, and it will look the same way as in Gantt:

Here are examples:'08_api/06_export.html'&filter='export'

The PDF files have better portability. They will look the same way on different devices.

HTML files were not created for that. To correctly see the same data with the interactivity, you would need to include the contents of DHTMLX Gantt’s Javascript and CSS files in the HTML file.
So, the HTML file will always use be at least around 1Mb even if you have the small dataset loaded. The size can be decreased if you include the links to these files. But there is no 100% guarantee that you will be able to see the data, because if the files are not available in your network, the page won’t load correctly.

It is much easier for your colleague to add DHTMLX Gantt to some HTML page and use it for importing MSP files.

However, if you still want to export the HTML page, here is an example of how to do that (with the links to Javascript and CSS files):

Also, please note that DHTMLX Gantt is not a replacement for MS Project. It doesn’t have exactly the same features.
And it is not a ready to use solution. It is a library that can help you to build your solution.

In some cases, you will need to configure Gantt to see the dates the same way as in MS Project.
Here are some examples with different configuration: