Can I use the get method of submitting form?

the dthmlxscheduler is use the post method to submitting form.
Can I use the get method of submitting form?
What I need to pay atention to if use the get mothod.

Thanks in advance

How to use the dataProcessor?

You will need to use custom server side code , instead of connectors - this is the only disadvantage ( also, get has limit on maximum data size, but it is not critical for scheduler’s scenario )

You need to add the next command to dataprocessor init



How can I can refresh the xml data after inserted and updated?


also, how to use the dataProcessor?
I have rewrite the method:

scheduler.attachEvent("onEventAdded", function(event_id, event_object) { addEvent(event_id, event_object); return true; });

function addEvent(event_id, ev) { var url = ""; var startdate = formatDate(ev.start_date); var enddate = formatDate(ev.end_date); url += "event?method=addEvent&oldid="+ event_id + "&begintime=" + startdate + "&endtime=" + enddate + "&limit=" + ev.limit + "&title=" + escape(escape(ev.title)) + "&content=" + escape(escape(ev.content)) + "&user_id=" + ev.user_id; $.get(url); };

How use the server’s data with the dataProcessor?
the data just like:


If you are using your own ajax layer for data saving - you need not dataprocessor at all ( it’s only purpose - saving data to database )