Can i use your product for my college erp without purchasing any licence?


I have two questions…

  1. Is it possible to create an application for my college using dhtmlx standard edition without purchasing any license. The end users are my college staffs and students.

  2. If i sell, the above as product then, Can i need to purchase the license ?

Kindly replay , someone who knows. Thanks in advance


Hello Unni,
dhtmlx is available in Standard and PRO editions. The Standard edition is distributed under GNU GPLv2 and can be downloaded for free.

You can use a free version of dhtmlx in your internal project unless you re-distribute it in any way.

Please note that in case of using a free version, your whole project should be open source and licensed under GNU GPL v2:

If you are going to sell your product you need to obtain a proper PRO version of the dhtmlx license.