can not generate the data from server to export excel



I try to export the data on excel file, the data load from xml file, it can export to excel. But the data generate from mysql server, it cannot export to excel and has the error message “it cannot support the method or attribute”. Could you tell me why cannot generate the data from mysql server.I need your help.

thank you.


could you provide complete demo?


Hi ,

Thank you for your reply. This is the complete demo. (1.09 MB)


object cannot support this method and attribute
please help.


dhtmlxgrid_export.js must be included at page after dhtmlx.js.



“toExcel” or “topdf” is applicable only for the data loaded to Grid is from .xml file. I am loading data to grid from MySQL and trying to export this grid’s data but “toExcel” or “topfd” is not working.
Please let me know how could I export this data to excel file.