Can not insert/update into mysql

Hello guys,

I have been playing with dhtmlxtree, it is a great product… I have a problem with updating and inserting into mysql db… the code is as follows:



When I modify an item, insert or delete, the database does not get updated.
I am monitoring the traffic between browser and server and I see that when I update/modify an item, the client-side sends to the server the following in a POST request:

localhost/samples/tree/07_live_ … version=44

POST data: [object Object]&ids=3401

The trouble is that it sends [object Object] and not the real data… please help!

Problem can occur if you are using old version of tree or dataprocessor.
Be sure that you are using dhtmlxtree 2.6 or dhtmlxtree 3.0 and latest dataprocessor.js ( attached) (4.95 KB)

Great!! thanks man, it worked right away… the strange thing that I already updated it with the latest file from the site (from dxhtmltree once, and also with the one from dhtml connector)… so I don`t know from where you got your file, but it works.