Can not set cell height in Layout placed inside of Tabbar


I’m having a difficulty setting height of layout cells. The layout is placed inside of a tabbar. This is after migrating to DHTMLX 4.5 PRO


html, body { width: 100%; height: 100%; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;} [/code]

console.log output:
HEIGHT: 55-0-55

With older DHTMLX version same code is working properly and this is the console.log output:
HEIGHT: 100-323-200

Try to set selected the first tab to attach layout there:

{ id:"tab_1", text: "aaa",width:70, active: true},

Indeed “active: true” fixes the issue.

But there is a similar layout attached to each one of the tabs (tab_2, tab_3). What should I do? Attach events or run a JS function for each tab? Is there a better way?

Actually setting just one tab to “active” seems to fix the issue for all tabs. thanks.

You are welcome!


that’s correct, in case of tabbar if cell wasn’t active before it ‘uninitialized’ and its dimension is about 0x0, so when you initing layout inside it can’t proberly determine parent size.