Can the events in scheduler be made searchable?

I am using scheduler in wordpress and would like to make a search field for users to find events. Is this possible with the wordpress plugin?

Plugin itself doesn’t provide such functionality, but events info is stored in the plain db table. So with a bit of custom php code such search can be added.

Can you give us a headsup on what code should go where?
As I really would like this too

Do you need to have the search from the same page where scheduler resides, or it must work from other pages as well?
Are you loading all events in scheduler at once, or using dynamical loading feature ?

Well for me id like it to be from all pages the search is on not just the scheduler . But if thats too hard then the scheduler page is fine . And I dont now about the dynamic loading . I havent set anything so the standard set up

The search only on the scheduler page is relative simple task - you will not need have any custom code on server side ( it all can be done fully on the client side )

I will try to provide some sample till the end of the week.

Thanks Mate :smiley:

Was the sample code ever made?

Yes I would really like this too :smiley:

Atached one shows simple search implementation, but it the standalone version, not the plugin. (49.6 KB)