Can the mobile version show weeks that start on Sunday?

Is there a way to make the mobile version start the week on Sunday, rather than Monday in the Month view?

I’ve tried the scheduler.config.start_on_monday=false; which works for the regular Scheduler, but it has no effect on the mobile version.

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start_on_monday is not applied to mobile scheduler. You need to redefine startOnMonday of Touch calendar: … properties

$$(“scheduler”).$$(“calendar”) gets the calendar object where scheduler is scheduler id. Here is the whole code:

dhx.ui({ view: "scheduler", id: "scheduler" }); $$("scheduler").$$("calendar").define("startOnMonday",0);

Here is the infomation about ids of other scheduler components: … s_elements


Thank you. This looks like it should be helpful. Unfortunately, it isn’t working.

In looking through the dhtmlxscheduler_mobile.js code, I see that the following snippet appears


Could this be causing the problem? (I’m not sure of the effect of the “!” and whether that would prevent my changing it.)

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Could this be causing the problem?
Nope, it must not cause the issue.

It is the initial value, and strange “!0” is a “true” ( result of code compression, you can check the uncompressed version of js file in the sources folder )

You can change “!0” to “false”, which is not the best solution, but will change default behavior of the calendar.

Thank you. I got it to work. I was not sending a carriage return, and it subsequently commented out the line (the previous line was a comment).

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