Can the plus/minus icons of tree column in treegrid be changed?

Is there a way to change the plus/minus icons in a tree column of a treegrid to my custom icons? I’ve tried using the setIconsPath routine, but that doesn’t appear to change the plus/minus icons which are always found in /grid/tree.



Unfortunately the only solution is to replace the native plus/minus icons with the custom image files.

Thanks for the reply.

That is unfortunate, since we need the plus/minus icons on different screens of our interface. I’ve worked around it by creating a complete image path for the tree-grids that use the alternate icons, but this requires duplication of a lot additional image files and is going to be more difficult to maintain. Possibly an addition to consider for a future release…

I understand your problem.
We’ll try to extend such possibilities in the future releases.

Thanks for considering an extension in the future.