Can the tree handle ~85000+ nodes?  a.  

Can the tree handle ~85000+

I am using dynamic
loading � which looks good � but I am getting an Internet Explorer pop-up that
asks if I want to disable a script that is running slowly � if I try to load a
node that has many sub-nodes.

I am concerned if the
user were to open all nodes.

Can I dynamically
unload nodes that are hidden under closed folders?

Can I enforce that
only a single folder at one time be open for a given tree level? Will this
(along with smartXMLParsing help?)

I am unable to test smartXMLParsing

Yes, it is supported in  SmartXMLParsing 

tree. enableSmartXMLParsing (…

But tree must be well structured (less than ~200 item
per level of branch) (See in documentation samples/pro_perfomance.html)

a ) The message can’t be removed, but you can enable
distributedParsing, which will allow to parse XML part by part ( in such case
message must no occur )


b) The performance of tree related on number of
rendered nodes, in case of 85000 items it definitely kills all performance.

c) Not possible

d) It can be created by attaching custom code to
onOpen event.

e) This functionality available only in pro edition, if you plan to use
it - you can request fully functional evaluation version.