Can we change the Y-axis time-scale unit from days to weeks?

My projects requires working with weeks, that is each column represents 1 week. Can I change the column unit-scale from days to week? The duration horizontal bars would always be specified in terms of weeks (integer value), but I would expect the progress bar to have the precision of days.

Another way to achieve this is to keep the column unit as days, but to specify the column width to a very small pixel count like 1 or 2 or 3 pixels. This way a week virtual column would be either 7 pixels or 14 pixels or 21 pixel wide (depending on day width). In this case, what is desirable is that columns can be grouped in sets of 7 to represent 1 week and weeks can have differenting color scheme (possibly alternating colors or some other color scheme). Does your component allow the grouping of columns into weeks and allow different color scheme for the groupings, alternating color scheme or something else for weeks?

If you want to show week in scales you sohuld just set scale unit.
gantt.config.scale_unit = “week”;
gantt.config.date_scale = “Week #%W”;
See article: … ofthescale

Possibly it will good for you to add second scale. … condscales

For scales coloring you could use scale_cell_class template. … calesstyle