Can we highlight the selected time only in Scheduler?

I would like to highlight only the selected dates in the lightbox calendar_time(mini calendar). YOu select something in the start calendar lets say Aug 21st and if you select 23rd on the second, the next time you open the mini calendar in the lighbox it should show these highlighted. I am using scheduler.markCalendar to achieve this but it allows to highlight only one day at a time. I do not need to show exisiting events in that mini calendar so i removed all events by setting this option to false before opening the mini calendar.

scheduler.config.minicalendar = {
mark_events: false

However i could not find a straight forward way to highlight the selected start date and end date. ANy help would be appreciated. Thanks

scheudler.markCalendar(a, b, c) API works for my case. For some reason my dates were not setting correctly.