Can we interchange axis (time in x-axis)?


In my Calendar, i have an issue when filtering by Properties/Leasing Agent. I have mentioned name of the agents in the column header. Since there are lot of agents all are congested in the x-axis as in the figure below.

Can I have that agent names in y-axis and time in x-axis, so that i can avoid my congestion issues?

Thanks in advance.

check thie Timeline view

Hi Aliaksandr,

Thank you. Its now working fine but some design issue. Now I had given the height of the calendar as 600px. I have so many vendors and hence the calendar page couldn’t fit in the screen and we need to scroll down to see the entire calendar. Since that scroll bar comes there is some alignment issuein between header and data that you can see below.

How can we solve this?

i was able to reproduce the issue by setting ‘scroll_width’ parameter to zero. Try setting some positive value, so calendar will allocate space for a scrollbar Scheduler.XY.scroll_width = 20;

Thank You :slight_smile:
Its alright now