Can we load dhtmlxcombo with checkbox from xml using "loadSt

Hi there,

I would like to create dhtmlxcombo control with checkbox.
I’m loading the form from xml using “loadStructString” method.
This generates combo control, but does not have checkbox inside the combo.
xml for the item looks like following:

<item type="combo" opt_type="checkbox" name="Location" label="Location Name"></item>

Notice I added “opt_type” attribute.

I tried creating one using client side script like following:

var z2 = new dhtmlXCombo("combo_zone3", "alfa3", 200, 'checkbox');
z2.addOption([[1, 1111], [2, 2222], [3, 3333], [4, 4444], [5, 5555]]);

And this works fine.

Thanks in advance.

I checked your sample, and noticed the attributes must be “comboType” instead of “opt_type”.

However, this does not seem to work on my version of dhtmlx (version 3 professional).
I verified it works on dhtmlx3.5.

Does “comboType” supposed to work on dhtmlx3.0 as well?
If not, is there any work around to make this work?

thanks in advance.

Replace attached file with yours one - it will fix the issue
dhtmlxform_item_combo.rar (1.12 KB)

Thanks, that fixed the issue.

You are welcome!