Can we send additional row details along with filter options for dhtmlXCombo



I am quite new to DHMTX widgets, our project uses DHTMX grids widely, as an example, we have a user column in one of our edit grids (gets loaded via XML), the column was defined as a combo and provided ‘source’ attribute (which is a server URL to filter the users and provide combo options dynamically) to allow searchable filter options while selecting the users. Now there is a new ask to filter users based on another column selection in the same grid, say Role.

I could see dhtml sends a parameter ‘mask’ when we type in something in the combo, ‘mask’ is used at the server side to filter the data appropriately, I have my question here, could we also configure dhtmlxcombo in such a way that we send additional row details along with mask, like other column values by configuring the column name. This way I get to filter users by selected column value as well.

Any light on this is would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance!


I apologize fro the dealy with the reply.
In this case I can suggest you interrupt the default data loading request, and send your own custom one.
Something like:

myCombo = myGrid.getColumnCombo(col_ind); //get the combo column
myCombo.enableFilteringMode(true,"dummy");//define the filtering mode with the "fake" url
myCombo.attachEvent("onDynXLS", myComboFilter); //catch the combo data loading request
function myComboFilter(text){ // where 'text' is the text typed by the user into Combo
    myCombo.clearAll(); // claer the combo options list
    dhx.ajax.get("your_url.php?mask="+text, function(xml){ 
//perform your own custom request (you can add your own custom attributes to this request)
        myCombo.load(xml.xmlDoc.responseText); //load the result to your combo
return false //block the default dataloading reqeust (that comes to "dummy" url)