Can we show only left side column data without having timeline data

so see here the blue line side data where I want to show left side data and in timeline I don’t want to show taskbar timeline data.

example:- let’s pick last piece of left data from the left side and don’t want to show the timeline taskbar of that left side data that color in yellow.


Yes, it is possible to do that.
If you use the default layout configuration, you can disable the show_chart config to hide the timeline. Otherwise, you need to create a layout configuration without the timeline.
You can read about it in the following article:

Here are the snippets:

If you don’t want to show some specific task bars in the timeline, you need to add the hide_bar: true property to their task objects:

Here is an example:

suppose I want this:-
suppose we have 10 data in my Gantt and I want to add one data with click and that data will not show their task bars in the timeline. is there any way to do this??

I am thinking this data will have text,start_date and I don’t want to add a duration variable for not showing task bars in the timeline so will it be possible to do this?

If you add a new task, you can enable the hide_bar property, then the task bar won’t be displayed in the timeline.
Here is an example of how it can be implemented:

thanks for your response