Can you show only quarters of an hour?

Hi all!
I was wondering if there is a way to “force” your Calendar component to show only 00, 15, 30 and 45 when you click on the minutes portion of the time displayed on the bottom of a calendar instead of the default 5 minutes intervals.
Is this possible?
Thank you for any input.


all is possible. in this case you need to change a bit sorce code


this._initSelector = function(type,css) {

if (type == “minutes”) {

for (var q=0; q<4; q++) { // change to q<1, count of rows
for (var w=0; w<3; w++) { // use w<5, count of cells in a row

i+=5; // change to i+=15, it is step

position. find in js code line like this:

and change to


.dhtmlxcalendar_container div.dhtmlxcalendar_selector_obj.dhtmlxcalendar_selector_minutes table.dhtmlxcalendar_selector_table td.dhtmlxcalendar_selector_cell_middle ul.dhtmlxcalendar_selector_line {
width: 108px; /* width of single row in selector, 108=27*4 cells in a row */

Hi Andrei!
Thanks a lot for your solution. It will be very useful for my project.
I’ll certaintly use it like this, but I’m going to ask you anyway, :blush: , can you eliminate the 60 from the list of minutes?
Thanks again!

This works well but the 45 shows on a second line. I tried playing around with settings to try to get 00,15,30,45 all on one line but can’t figure it out.

What determines the width of the time popup? How can we make it wide enough to have all 4 on the same line rather than 2?

My bad. I missed the update of the CSS file that you mentioned… :confused:

Hello joekerns168 ,
in your post, you talk about the 45 on the second line but you don’t mention how you achieved that…
Would you kindly show me how you did that?
Applying Andrei’s solution I get the 60 on the second line…
Thanks a lot!