Cannot call method 'attachHTMLString' of null

use Tabbar component.
When you open a window with Tabbar, an error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘attachHTMLString’ of null

var tarirovanie_tab = more_tab.cells('a1').attachTabbar();
tarirovanie_tab.addTab('f1', '<img src=../imgs/camera_photo.png />Фото 1', '100px');
tarirovanie_tab.setContentHTML('f1', '<div id=PHOTO_1></div>');
tarirovanie_tab.addTab('f2', '<img src=../imgs/camera_photo.png />Фото 2', '100px');
tarirovanie_tab.setContentHTML('f2', '<div id=PHOTO_2></div>');
tarirovanie_tab.addTab('f3', '<img src=../imgs/camera_photo.png />Фото 3', '100px');
tarirovanie_tab.setContentHTML('f3', '<div id=PHOTO_3></div>');
tarirovanie_tab.addTab('f4', '<img src=../imgs/camera_photo.png />Фото 4', '100px');
tarirovanie_tab.setContentHTML('f4', '<div id=PHOTO_4></div>');

Prompt the mistake?


we have not reproduced the problem locally. Could you please attach the completed demo?

I can not put the whole project, since part of it is written in PHP with database MYSQL. If I give a link to it and I will get an error occurs, you can help me?

You may create a simple sample that reproduces the problem, but do not contain actual data.

If I give a link to it and I will get an error occurs, you can help me?

We’ll try.