Cannot change the URL's Title

I need to show some additional information in the tooltip in a url of an item in your grid. However when I attempt to change the data it only shows the actual caption.

In the example below, even though I set the Title to “Test” the Tooltip shows up as “Grid Values”

var sItemName = ‘Grid Values’;

var sTitle = ‘test’;

var sURL = “<a href=’#’ title=’”+sTitle+"’ style=‘color:#81a032;font-family:Arial;font-weight:bold;font-size:9pt;text-decoration:none;’ onclick=“showItemDetails(’”+iRow+"’,‘3’,’"+objItem.ID+"’);"> “+sItemName+”";

var sMousePointer = “setMousePointer(this);”

var sImageDeleteURL = “<img src=’…/images/btnDelete.jpg’ alt=‘Click to remove “+objItem.Caption+” from this order.’ onclick=gridRemoveNOSSItem(”+iRow+") onmouseover="+sMousePointer+" />"


Any thoughts?


To show custom link tooltip add following line to the grid initialization:
grid.attachEvent(“onMouseOver”, function(id,ind){
return false