Cannot find module error in kanban backend nodejs


I am using below repo for reference for kanban backend (node)

but i am getting error module not found node_modules\typeorm\entities\Card.js when i do npm run dev locally. (also get same error on ubuntu instance on production)

please let me know what this issue is about. i am already having Pro version for the frontend



Which version of nodejs you are using ?


node version is 16.14.2.


any fix available for this issue?


@Stanislav can this repo be fixed ?


Here is the local updated version of the repository in the attachment. (190.0 KB)
We’ll try to update it on github in the near future


@sematik thanks for the zip. but i am using mysql and it gives error while generating mysql table cards

even if i create cards table manually by fixing the sql, i get error while running kanban backend

the error is connection not established with mysql database.
any idea what could be wrong? i am connecting mysql with root (no password)