Cannot find the dataProcessor to use each component

Dear sir,

I use the dhtmlxSuite_v502_pro. I can not find the dataProcessor, But the dhtmlxdataprocessor.js has in the sample for each component, such as the path “samples\dhtmlxForm\06_data\php\connector”. Because the version of 4.6 has different on dhtmlxSuite_v502_pro. Could you help me , how to use the dataProcessor on dhtmlxSuite_v502_pro.

Or may be the connector replace the dataProcessor else?

Thank you very much .

Kenneth cho


The dataprocessor is already compiled into the dhtmlx.js file. So you can include a single file to enable all features.
If you want to check sources, or plan to use a separate js file instead of the lib, you can check sources\dhtmlxCommon\codebase\dhtmlxdataprocessor.js