Cannot locate menu icons

Hi Guys,

I have placed the following code in a js file and declared it in my page:

function ezDrawMenu() { // Draw Menu var menu = new dhtmlXMenuObject("menuObj"); menu.setIconsPath("/img/"); // initing; menu.addNewSibling(null, "file", "File", false); menu.addNewChild("file", 0, "new", "New", false, "new.gif"); menu.addNewSeparator("new"); menu.addNewChild("file", 2, "open", "Open", false, "open.gif"); menu.addNewChild("file", 3, "save", "Save", false, "save.gif"); menu.addNewChild("file", 4, "saveAs", "Save As...", true, null, "save_as_dis.gif"); menu.addNewSeparator("saveAs"); menu.addNewChild("file", 6, "print", "Print", false, "print.gif"); menu.addNewChild("file", 7, "pageSetup", "Page Setup", true, null, "page_setup_dis.gif"); menu.addNewSeparator("pageSetup"); menu.addNewChild("file", 12, "close", "Close", false, "close.gif"); } // End Draw Menu

My directory structure is like this:

– css
– js (This contains the file with the code above
– -- img (This contains all the images)

When I call this js function ezDrawMenu() I get the menu OK but no images?

I have tried all kinds of alternatives but no joy.

Can anyone help me out please?

Many thanks in advance



probably icon path is incorrect. Check in FireBug what icon is loaded.

Here is the working sample:


Many thanks.

I made a very stupid mistake.