Cannot Set Tabbar Size when in dhtmlxWindow

There appears to be a bug in the tabbar resizing code when it is placed in a dhtmlxWindow. Regardless what sizing technique I use on the tabbar it will not change from the default size of 300px x 300px when it is in a Window. Resizing works fine when the tabbar is placed directly on the page (rather than in a window). Can this be fixed please.

A window is resized to the size of its content. Therefore enableAutoSize doesn’t effect. You may call setDimention method to change the window size manually:


But it’s not the window I have problems with, it’s the tabbar. Regardless of what I do to set the size of the tabbar in the window it remains at the default size of 300px x 300px.

As I have already answered, the window isn’t resized depending on its content. Its size is fixed.

You may change window size manualy by setDimention method if you know the size of the content.

Please provide the sample to recreate the problem if I misundertood the issue.