Cannot skin window


No matter what I try, I cannot change a window from the defult skyblue. If I try to use a different skin, there is no error, but there is no skin, just floating text. The code seems like it should be pretty simple. Using this approach I’m able to change the skin of tabbars and grids:

SourceViewer_PopupWins_g = new dhtmlXWindows();
SourceViewer_PopupWins_g.setImagePath(dhtmlxInstallRoot_g + “dhtmlxWindows/codebase/imgs/”);

You need to include css with skin in the library and defin this skin for window object.
NOTE: You can have only one common skin to all the windows you have, because you can define skin for main dhtmlxWindowObject, not for separate window. … nning.html

... dhxWins.setSkin("dhx_terrace");