Can't add marker on resource timeline area


Can’t add vertical marker on resource timeline area


Hello Kevin,
It is only possible to add markers to the Gantt timeline. The functionality to add markers in the resource and histogram views will be implemented in future versions, and I cannot give you the ETA.
Now, there is a way to highlight the weekends in the resource chart, but it might affect the performance.
First, you need to enable rendering empty cells in the resource chart:

gantt.config.resource_render_empty_cells = true;

Then you define if the resource cell is related to the non-working time:

if (!gantt.isWorkTime(start_date)) {

Here is an example of it might be implemented:


If I add resource_render_empty_cells this option to be true, would be both static_background and smart_rendering all dysfunctional?


Hello Kevin,
static_background option and the smart rendering extension don’t work with the resource chart.
So if you enable that option, it will affect only the resource chart.


No, I seem to discover static background is working in resource layout, am I wrong?

I am not sure weather the smart rendering is working in resource layout or not


Hello Kevin,
Sorry, looks like it works, although not in the way as it works in the Gantt chart, where the cells are not displayed when you use that option. The static background is applied in the resource chart, but the cells can be displayed at the same time. You can see that in the following example: