Can't change Year part from dhtmlxcalendar (version 1.6)

hi support,

we are using dhtmlx version 1.6 build 80512.

Calendar doesn’t change year (when selected from year drop down) in internet explorer or Adobe air, eg, if default values is 2010 user selects some other year say 2025, calendar sets it back to 2010.

Though it works fine in Firefox and sets correct value.

onYearSelect() method in file dhtmlxCalendar\codebase\dhtmlxcalendar.js is clled when user selects year from the calendar (from drop down in calendar widget). This method is called twice in IE and Air with correct value coming for the first time and second call sets the default value for year (2010). In Firefox it makes only one call to this function(onYearSelect) with correct value selected.

Can someone please have a look at this one. Please let me know if it requires more details.



did you try to use the latest calendar version ?

hi Alex,

thanks for coming back on this one.

Sorry we can’t upgrade the framework at this moment, maybe in future there will be some plan to do that. Is there a way to just update the calendar widget with the latest version (or with the version it is working fine)? would it work fine with rest of the widgets if we just update the calendar widget?

many thanks,


you may update only calendar. But you should use the latest dhtmlxcommon.js (it’s compatible with old versions of the components).