Can't click on my events when i'm connected

Hello !

I’ve an issue with my Scheduler.
When i’m not connected on my website, i can click on my events and see them on the open details window. Contrariwise, When i’m connected with an user which as the access rights : View and Add, and when i’m clicking on my events. The details windows don’t show.

Why ?




  1. As I understand you are using our plugin? Which one (joomla, wordpress) and what version?
  2. Are you using your own custom type of users?
  3. Try enabling debug mode in the scheduler configuration. After that use scheduler a bit (try opening event when you are logged in and not). Then please attach log file to your post (log file will be created directly in the plugin’s folder).

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  1. I’m using the scheduler component for joomla 1.5.
  2. I’m using the “Editor” user type. Not a custom type
  3. i joined the logfile for you.


Laertas (4.08 KB)


We have looked into this issue and unfortunately this is a technical limitation. We plan to improve it in the upcoming version, please stay tuned.
As for temporary solution you can add tooltip functionality to your scheduler. This way user will need simply hover over event to get it’s details (configurable).

  1. Download stand alone version of the scheduler.
  2. Locate codebase/ext/dhtmlxscheduler_tooltip.js file and place it in the com_scheduler/codebase/ext/ folder in your plugin directory.
  3. Open components/com_scheduler/scheduler_include.html and add following:


Hope this helps.

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