Can't delete events..

Using PHP scheduler in my PHP/HTML file, everything set up and connected to my MYSQL database trough schedulerconnector… I can edit and add events, but for some reason nothing happens when I press Delete button. Read the guides and it said that for DataProcessor this happens automatically …

I do mention that I am using bootstrap, and when pressing delete button it doesn’t even show the popup. Also tried to ran without bootstrap and it worked…

Just found out it isn’t bootstrap, but it’s conflicting with DHTMLX spreadsheet which I used also in the same file

can you please provide a demo?

Hey aliaksndar

I have sent you a pm.

it seems like a conflict between spreadsheet and a scheduler on one page.
Both components uses dhtmlxCommon files, ones that comes with spreadsheet are outdated and also loaded asynchronously. So it overwrites more recent libraries from dhtmlxScheduler.
Namely, the problem seems to be with an outdated version of dhtmlxMessage library that is bundled with both components. If you manually update it in spreadsheet files the issue must be solved, I’ll send you an updated archive

Please try using the updated codebase2/dhtmlx_core.js, it should fix the issue (106 KB)