“Can't execute code from a freed script”

This error code appears every time a try to save the second event from the load of the page.

1_ I open the page with the scheduler => ok
2_ I create the first event => ok
3_ I create the second event => ERROR

For the moment I’ve surrounded some of the code areas who create this problem with try catch, when the error is caught I force the reload of the page.

This problem happens only when using IE.

the bug is confirmed,
we’ll try to release the fix in a few days

If is possiblle, I really appreciate if you can wearn me through this topic when the patch will be released.

we will notify you

Scheduler is updated,
the latest trial can be downloaded from
If you have a commercial version, please post ticket to our support system at http://support.dhtmlx.com, and we will send it to you