Can't fetch data from server


I’m trying to fetch xml from a remote page, i have :

    <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
    function createChartControl(htmlDiv1)
        // Create Gantt control
        var ganttChartControl = new GanttChart();
        // Setup paths and behavior
        // Build control on the page
        // Load data structure		

and when i fire :


in firebug, i’m getting this :

and this :

i read this request should be a POST one, but it seems to fail while my server can handle POST and GET requests…

Do you have an idea ?

getting this


It cannot find the file, please check its URL.

I triple checked, have you seen the second Line showing the server responding 200 OK ?

then check the response content-type, it must be text/xml, some browsers are sensitive to this parameter.

I checked, it was application/xml, i changed it to text/xml, still getting the error :

Could you determine which line generates this “file not found” message?

I didn’t find the line, but that doesn’t seem to be a real “not found” problem as I :

→ copied the content of … e_xml_file into a file named ganttsample.xml at the root.
→ switched the url in the javascript setup.

well it was likely to work but i still get this error :

and the real bug is that when i copied my former xml ( ) into the ganttsample.xml I’m getting back the file not found error. It seems that it’s not displaying a correct message error… (and it also seems that my xml is misformed, but i have not been able to find out where)

PS: with the content of this file it … a/data.xml

(but it doesn’t solve the file not found which should not be here :slight_smile:)

Ok solved it by myself… duration attribute was missing in some tasks…