Can't find enableExcelKeyMap(); method in dhtmlx.js

Hi all!
I have some problem with the method enableExcelKeyMap(); of the dhtmlXGridObject.
According to the documentation:
for Activating the MS Excel keymap in the grid i schould include this code:

But method enableExcelKeyMap(); is not present in the file dhtmlx.js ( i am using GPL version of the Suite 4.3) and the IE return a error. And in the example … excel.html
this method is not used. But it seems, that example doesn’t work like in the description - when i try to use right-left arrows, nothing happens.
P.S. I use IE10
Thank very much for all, who can help me.

Please, note that the excel/access keymap extensions are available in PRO version of dhtmlxGrid only.

Thank you for the answer!
Please check documentation - there isn’t information about restriction for this function.

Thank you for your note. The documentation will be updated.