Can't get DHTMLXTree working, fails with "Incorrect XML" and


I’m evaluating DHTMLXTree and I can’t get it to work, and I can’t see where my code could be wrong. My test page is here:

I’m trying to display a tree using one of the sample XML files that comes with DHTMLXTree. It ends up producing two errors and just displaying the names of each item in a plain list. Do you have any idea what the problem could be from looking at the page source? Thanks.


It seems that doesn’t exist. Please, check that the xml is correctly included.

The XML file I’m using is You can see in the page source. But no matter which file I include, I get the same error. Do you have any idea why? Thanks.

I see that I had two included XML files, and I removed the second include, so now the errors aren’t showing up anymore, but I still get no images and no tree, just a straight vertical list. I know that there are images in the directory I specified. I put one of those images on the page to make sure. Do you know what could be wrong?

Please, try to delete the following code:

// set plus images
//set minus images
//set default node images

This code causes the problem with images.