Can't get DHTMLXTree working for JSF, fails with "Incorrect

Can’t get DHTMLXTree working, fails with “Incorrect XML” and “reffers to non-existing parent”


I’m evaluating DHTMLXTree and I can’t get it to work, and I can’t see where my code could be wrong.

<jsp:root version=“2.1” xmlns:f=“Oracle Java Technologies | Oracle” xmlns:h=“Oracle Java Technologies | Oracle” xmlns:jsp=“Oracle Java Technologies | Oracle” xmlns:webuijsf=“Hardware | Oracle”>

< contentType=“text/html;charset=UTF-8” pageEncoding=“UTF-8”/>


<webuijsf:page id=“page1”>

<webuijsf:html id=“html1”>

<webuijsf:head id=“head1”>

<webuijsf:link id=“link1” url=“/resources/stylesheet.css”/>

<webuijsf:link id=“link2” url=“/css/common.css”/>

<webuijsf:link id=“link3” url=“/js/tree/dhtmlxtree.css”/>

<webuijsf:script id=“script1” url=“/js/tree/dhtmlxcommon.js”/>

<webuijsf:script id=“script2” url=“/js/tree/dhtmlxtree.js”/>

<webuijsf:script id=“script3” url=“/js/common.js”/>


<webuijsf:body id=“body1” style=“-rave-layout: grid”>

<webuijsf:form id=“form1”>


tree=new dhtmlXTreeObject(“myDocument”,“100%”,“100%”,0);











Do you have any idea what the problem could be from looking at the source? Thanks


Please, check that “document.xml” is correct.

The article … _Grid.html describes the most common reasons for “incorrect xml” problem.

If issue still occurs, provide this xml. So, we can check it.