Can't get filtering to work


Ok, so I’m really struggling with using the Connector classes. There seem to be several different ways to actually use the connector classes and I’m a bit confused.

First, I’ve followed this tutorial to use Connector with Cakephp. … index.html. My sense is that that tutorial is slightly outdated since it uses render(), but the documentations says that that should only be used with the MixedConnector.

I downloaded the latest version of the Connector code from GitHub. I had to copy/past the code from db_phpcake2.php into db_phpcake.php (using ‘PHPCake2’ as the type parameter in the constructor didn’t work).

No matter what combination of code I use, I can’t seem to filter anything. This is the current configuration that I have.

$connector = new SchedulerConnector($this->Departure, "PHPCake"); $connector->filter('id', 8354); //$connector->configure('departures', "id", "startdate, enddate, name"); $connector->enable_log("./log.txt"); $connector->render_table('departures', 'id', 'startdate, enddate, name');

Any suggestions would be helpful!