Cant get Spreadsheet to work in Joomla


Been reading the othe threads about installng the Joomla module, but i can’t get i to work??
I’m using Joomla 1.7 and I’m not getting any errors JS or PHP ??


you should follow this instruction to get it to work: … ide_joomla

Could you describe more in details how it doesn’t work?

I have done like described in the instruction, installing, activating, and inserting marker in article but nothing happens??

Nothing is visible, the marker, spreadsheet or error message!!??

Regards Teddy

could you provide link to your spreadsheet page?

Yes, i have set up this test.

Regards Teddy

please, open file plugins/content/spreadsheet/spreadsheet.php and modify the method get_url like here:

	protected function get_url() {
		return "";

It looks like you’re using some specific redirection or something else.

Strange?? haven’t changed anything and now i works??

Regards Teddy

there are differencies between
Spreadsheet works for the second, but doesn’t work for the first.
For some reasons code which detects url doesn’t work correctly (it may be caused by using some unusual redirections or something else).
So you should modify method get_url for returning correct url.