Can't get the right xml return code for myDataProcessor


I’m stil have problems with server side returns (creating the right xml code).

Everything works fine and the database makes the rigth operation but I can’t get a correct response.

See server side code for example:




* connect database


$opdDB = mysql_connect( DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PASS ) or die(mysql_error());

mysql_select_db( DB_NAME ) or die(mysql_error());

$id = explode( “_”, $_POST[‘gr_id’] );

$usrID = $id[0];

$Kundennr = $id[1];

$Warengruppe = $id[2];

$response = $_POST[‘gr_id’];


* Pr�fen, ob schon ein Eintrag vorhanden ist.


$query = "SELECT count(
) FROM potentials

WHERE usrID = ‘".$usrID."’ AND

Kundennr = ‘".$Kundennr."’ AND

     Warengruppe = ‘".$Warengruppe."’";


$result = mysql_query( $query ) or die(mysql_error());

$total = mysql_result( $result, 0 );

if ( $total ) {

// record available, change it

$query = “UPDATE potentials

SET Menge = '”.$_POST[‘c1’]."’


    usrID = ‘".$usrID."’ AND

    Kundennr = ‘".$Kundennr."’ AND

    Warengruppe = ‘".$Warengruppe."’";


    $result = mysql_query( $query ) or die( mysql_error());


} else {

// no entry available, create a new one

$query = “INSERT INTO potentials (


    ) VALUES (






    $result = mysql_query( $query ) or die(mysql_error());



* close database


mysql_close( $opdDB );


* Send response




The answer from your dubug tool looks like

Server url: update.php?





server response received

Not a XML

What is wrong?

Many thanks for your help.


You need to return the data as XML stream, try to add next line to your php file


I’m so sory, but it does’nt work. Allways the same error message in debug mode.

Please try to update debug js file with attached one. (1.81 KB)

Now it works fine.

By the way: Your tool is a perfect development environment for web apllications and I’m happy deciding me for your product.

But one additional question:
Do you plan a nationalisation of that tool. I’m working in different projects for different countries and so it would be great to have the opportunity to choose e.g. currency signs?

Kind regards

The code of component is created in a way which must simplify customization for different settings.
The only hardcoded text lines stored by component ( except of debug messages ) are texts in paging mode, which can be configured separatly … ormatcells