Can't get this to work at all. Blank page?

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I’m evaluating this for use in a commercial project. I have duplicated exactly the code from the documentation but all I get is a blank page. It seems that the line scheduler.init('scheduler_here',null,"week"); does something to the scheduler HTML (puts in the dates), but it remains invisible on the page, while scheduler.load("events.xml"); does nothing. The XML file is in place and the path is correct, but no data is loaded.
What am I doing wrong?

How was the height of the scheduler’s container defined?
Try to use fixed height value ( percent based values will work as well - but you need to be sure that parent container has some non-zero height on moment of scheduler’s init )

Hello, Lance.

Scheduler package includes a lot of samples which illustrate possible use cases. Please check scheduler/samples folder (and the most basic is scheduler\samples\01_initialization_loading\01_basic_init.html ).

If there is simply blank page (no date scales or elements are displayed) then something is wrong with the size of scheduler’s container. Please note that the size should be fixed (e.g. 500px height, 600px width) or as in samples - whole page have 100% height.

If issue is still actual you can attach your sample so I could check it.

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Thanks for the replies, the height of the container element seems to have been the problem and I can now see the scheduler at least. Any thoughts on why the events.xml has not been loaded into the scheduler?

function init() {

The init() function is called on body onload in this case. But no data is loaded. The load method seems to run okay and finds the xml file, just doesnt do anything with it.


Please note that scheduler.init function takes 3 parameters:
scheduler.init(container, date_to_display, view_to_display);

scheduler.init('scheduler_here',new Date(2009,5,30),"week");

Was there alert message then you loaded scheduler?
Please open xml file in your browser - are there any errors?
Also pay attention to event dates - maybe scheduler displays current date and events for 2009, for example?

You can check in firebug or browser developer tools if xml was indeed loaded.

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Looks like we have got this working now, thanks for your help!
Aren’t the 2nd and 3rd parameters of the scheduler.init function optional?



They are optional, indeed.

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