Can't load any XML files

Hi All

Been struggling with this for a few hours. I can’t get ti to load my XML files. I just downloaded today, so on latest and greatest. I even tried the basic initialization samples. No luck with htose either. Grid shows up with correct sections and dates, but no events

Everything is on my local drive at the moment. I even tried giving everyone read only permission to the data folder but no luck.

Anyone ever got this to work? If so, would you mind testing my file.

(I added this [code]

[/code] as I found a post where someone said the data wasn't showing up, but no luck


06_timeline.7z (8.67 KB)

Solved it. had to start Chorme with allow-local-file-access

It is expected that you will not open page directly but will load page through some kind of web-server ( in such case you will not need any extra flags )

Thanks Stanislav

have now deployed to web server and all is good. Was just trying to see what the plug-in could do first