Can't load data from XML file

I’m very interested by this component.
But i can’t use it with data loaded from a local file or a remote url.
It’s just does’nt work on my computer, even the example provided in the distribution …

I have something as simple as :

(data.xml is the provided sample and is in the current folder.

And when i load my page, i still get a javascript alert “File (data.xml) is not found” …

Moreover i find the loadData and setLoadPath() methods very confusing (i really don’t understand how it is supposed to work …).

I’ve tried various combinaisons (with “http://localhost/data.xml” (with the data file of course available through this url), absolute filename on disk with or without [file://](file://), …, nothing works for me. I’m totally stuck.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Even with this it doesn’t work :
localhost/loadXML.php as url
data.xml as loadData

The localhost/loadXML.php?path=data.xml actually works in my browser, but it doesn’t work through dhtmlxgantt.

Moreover as i won’t be able to host php or cgi files, what i need is really to read directly the file through a static url, and not to get the content through a dynamic page…

We are reading XML file using POST method, it might be your server does not allow it. You can email our support to get a new code which uses GET method instead.

Hi i have the same problem, alwais show
The file not found

it’s my code

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript" src="js/dhtmlxgantt.js"></script>

<div style="width:950px;height:620px;position:absolute" id="GanttDiv"></div>

<script type ="text/javascript">
var gantt = new GanttChart();

gantt.loadData("GanttEjemplo.xml", true, true);


what cand i do,please it’s very urgent, i tested in ISS

In IIS settings, check Request filtering, HTTP Verbs - post == True

I have set post = true, but when I try execute 3_loadxml I get the “file not found message”. Any suggestions?

Have done further testing. The sample works in Firefox but fails in both IE and Chrome with the “file not found” message. Tried the suggested approach of setting POST = true, but this causes the potential host application to fail with an HTTP 500 error. Is there any way to get the samples to work in IE and Chrome?

You needn’t bother replying to my problem. Although your product produces better looking output than the product we selected to include in our solutions, it has the advantage that it actually works. I discovered your product actually works in Firefox but fails in IE. Perhaps in the future you could consider testing multiple browsers.


John Carroll

We have an option to use GET requests, if that will work for you.

But the POST was intended to limit caching issues with the updated data.


I am facing the same problem John Carroll and am not using any server. Just generating statically from the HTML page as the XML will be dropped in the folder by another process.

Could anybody help out to resolve the issue for IE and Chrome as these two browsers unable to read the xml file?

Firefox is working really good.

Thank you in advance.

Sasi kanth