Can't load events when datetime format is "%m %d %Y %h:%i%A"

I use MSSQL and PHP server.
and my MSSQL generate xml file which datetime format is ‘02 27 2012 03:25:00AM’.
So I set as scheduler.config.xml_date = “%m %d %Y %h:%i%A”, but scheduler calendar can’t display events. Also “%m %d %Y %h:%i%:%sA” doesn’t work properly.
What my question is this is a kind of dhtmlxScheduler bug?

FYI, when I set scheduler.config.xml_date = “%m %d %Y %h%A”, scheduler calendar can read events but It doesn’t have minutes infomation.(with my test, events have wrong AM PM information in this case. Actual event start_date is AM but dhtmlScheduler show it in PM section)

and when I modified datetime format of xml like ‘02 27 2012 03:25:00 AM’ (insert space before ‘AM’) and I use scheduler.config.xml_date = “%m %d %Y %h:%i %A”, this combination works perfectly.
Unfortunately, MSSQL can’t generate xml like this datetime format.(can’t add blank between secend and ‘AM’).

Please let me know to solve this issue.
Thank you.


This is actually a limitation of scheduler, it can’t decode date strign if it is consist from non-separated values. We will check how it can resolved

Any luck on the resolution of MSSQL date format or a workaround?

Already fixed in dev. version, will be released in nearest time.

thanks, I’m loooking forward to your next release