Can't load mysql data for form combo -> ID parameter is miss


I am building a form that uses a combo field. I want to dynamicaly fill this combo field with data from my mysql db. So I created the form field:

{type: "combo", label: "Gemeinde", connector: "data_gemeinden.php", value: ""}

In the data_gemeinden.php I have:

$form = new FormConnector($conn); $form->render_table("gemeinden","gem_id","gem_name, gem_stadt");

but all I get is the message:
!!!Uncaught Exception
Code: 0
Message: ID parameter is missed

Undefined index: ids at /[…]/dhtmlxForm/codebase/connector/form_connector.php line 47

I have no idea left what to do. “gem_id” is the name of identity field of the table “gemeinden” and it is set as paramter. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

thanks in advance!

In data_gemeinden.php you need to use ComboConnector ( because this data will be loaded in combo, not in the form )

Yes, that’s it! Thank you! :smiley: