Can't manually resize columns in IE10

I’m working on getting a grid to display correctly in IE10.

I have the following in the js file used to initialize the grid:

grid.setColWidth(columnIndex, 17);

I want to use autowidth so that the columns all fit within the containing div and their widths are based on their content. Then I’m setting the column width of one of the columns because for some reason, it’s still not wide enough, even when using ‘enableAutoWidth’. That column is also set to allow the user to manually adjust the width.

Two problems:

  1. When the user manually adjusts the width, all the other column widths adjust also
  2. The ‘setColWidth’ function isn’t setting the column width at all. It’s like the grid is just ignoring that function or something (well, more like IE is doing something weird, but whatever)

Are there known issues w/IE10?

I know we’re using an old version of dhtmlxgrid (v2.6 I think).

I’m not sure if we’re on the free version or the paid version. There are functions that are in our files that are tagged as being part of the paid version in the online documentation, but maybe they were part of the free version in older editions of the script. And if we’re using the paid version, no one on our team has the license info. So if we need to upgrade, we’ll need to sort that out.


Unfortunately the issue cannot be reproduced locally.
Please, provide a complete demo where the issue can be reconstructed. … leted_demo

Hi I was finding that all columns were set to same width and it would not allow manual resizing. Turned out I was leaving the DOCTYPE statement off the page.

Just putting at the top fixed it.